Saturday, April 9, 2011

Food Truck Scene

I'm a food truck wannabe or rather I want to have a food truck business.    Here's my simple plan:

I would have a food truck that delivers soup and sandwiches to Nursing Homes.  I'd deliver perhaps once a week to surrounding towns and cities in Metrowest area of Massachusetts. I'd make homemade scratch soups and chowders, like New England Clam Chowder. I just love to make soup anytime of the year.  Soup is healthy and all natural.  It would be Get Your Lunch On time for me. Oh, the food truck envy. 

For the sandwiches, I'll make old time favorites, serve them pretty, cut the crusts off before cutting on the diagonal into quarters.  Anybody want to help me build a menu? 

Before I wanted to have a food truck, I wanted to have a soup kitchen.  But, now that food trucks are becoming more on the scene, I could cater to people who aren't able to walk to a food truck.  But, then I only need to get the start up money.  

I can envision that the disabled or recuperating patients would be able to get to the patio, driveway or parking lot by their attendants.  They would look forward to their day when they could get their favorite comfort food.  I would also like to offer ice cream, like the ice cream man (video and song) of old days and would hope to pull  up with a snappy song or two, maybe I'd take requests and have them choose the music.  That could be fun in itself. 

Once they heard the music, I'm hoping they would get some small pleasure to be able to go get their home made food that they are missing.  Maybe I'd offer some small home made pastries along with the ice cream for their dessert. When my mother was in a nursing home, one of ways that made me feel helpful was to bring special foods for her.  Like on 4th of July.  She always had huge parties on the fourth with lots of friends and family.  She made home made everything, except the steamers.  We had steamed clams of course, New England Clam Chowder, clam cakes, potato salad and the usual fare.  Home made ice cream was a huge hit too with everyone, not just the kids.  Anyway, I remember making clam chowder for her and had to puree it, for that's the diet she was on at the time.  It was different, but at least I felt I brought a little of the

4th of July to her in some small way.

And after they are served and we have some smiles and chats, I could offer little trinkets or prizes, like the toys at the fast food chains, only maybe I'd use a grab bag theme, where it would be a surprise and then would be off to the next location.  I think the main thing is it would help to make some one's day that otherwise doesn't get a whole lot of thrills in an ordinary day.  And I would get the pleasure of making the food and serving. 

Perhaps when I retire.....In the meantime, I help people find foods, candy, snacks and party supplies local, nationally and internationally and sell online at and   And to satsify my craving for the mobile kitchens, I started a news site of sorts on scoop  it, called simply Food Trucks. 

Anyone reading this if you  have your own Food Truck, send me link and I'll post it, or better yet, follow on Scoop It and you can suggest your latest updates.

Thoughts and opinions welcome.